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DocCheck Flexikon


One of the largest and most popular communities for medical and health now available on the app store - a comprehensive lexicon and encyclopedia.Practicing physicians, nurses, med students or anyone just interested can benefit from instant access to a huge library of medical information in this free app.
Highlights of the app:
- Search quickly and efficiently for definitions, symptoms, therapies and much more medical information- Access or browse medical knowledge in over 50,000 articles, images and videos- Bookmark, save and access your favourites offline as well- The content is updated on a regular basis while quality is ensured by peer reviews- Open medical dictionary for everyone to participate - the knowledge base is growing steadily- Comprehensive visualization of content through 3D models, videos and galleries
All content is cross-linked for more in-depth research. Your app for quickly accessing medical information from the smartphone or tablet.
Do you like our app? We look forward to your feedback.If you have suggestions for improvements please do not hesitate to write an email to We will always come back to you and sort things out. Thanks!
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